All Village Permits and Applications

National Grid - Village Gas Main Map
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Document Name Document Description Document Contents
Required for relief from zoning code AFTER building denial is received
Application and checklist
Request of zone change
Required for any work to be done on village roads or ROW
Required for any structure or permit request
Procedure, fees schedule, application, short EAF, Long EAF, LWRP form
Required for new subdivision & new homes
Procedure, fees, planner identification, application, LWRP form, short EAF, Long EAF, visual assessment form - PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A LARGE FILE
Form to receive all available information
Affidavit of Workers Compensation Exemption Form
Workers Compensation Exemption Form
Parking Permit for Persons with Severe Disabilities
Required Application - NYS MV-664.1
Required to cast an absentee ballot

National Grid - Village Gas Main Map